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The Chamber is the voice for business.  We advocate for our members.  Working relationships with governmental bodies, departments and officials are critical to the effectiveness of the Chamber.  The Chamber represents our members' interests through interaction with local, county, state and federal officials.  Our vision is to enhance the business environment with advocacy so that our community thrives economically and socially, and the community is ever improving its quality of life.  Our goal is that the cost of and barriers to operating a successful business are reduced, and that community officials and leaders understand the value of jobs to our local community.

The Reidsville Chamber hosts city and county candidates' forums and represents our member businesses in presenting issues or concerns to the City Council or the County Commissioners.  The Chamber also participates in the Triad Chambers Group that consists of 22 Chambers in the 12 county Triad area.  This group represents 11,000 businesses and over 600,000 employees.  A regional agenda is presented each year to the State Legislature.  Each item on the agenda must have 100% approval and must be regional in nature.  This maintains the priority and integrity of each agenda item that is presented.  With 35 legislators in the area, the Piedmont Caucus is a powerful group when supporting the Triad Chamber agenda.

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