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I-785 Box Score

As stated on the last box score, talking heads and opinion articles lead the news cycle and regularly these “opinion makers” do not base their statements on facts.  Often, these narratives are just talking points that garner attention and ratings. At Team Reidsville, we love to compare our community to a sports team. This is a City of Champions and we are extremely proud of that fact. We don’t ever shy away from stating the facts that allow us to call ourselves champions.  Unfortunately, it appears some misinformation regarding Interstate 785 has been disseminated either unintentionally or via individual opinions not being properly characterized as “opinions”.  As always, Team Reidsville is ready to celebrate our successes. Unlike the "talking heads in sports" we like to deal in hard facts. We think it is a perfect time to check "the box score" regarding Interstate 785.

Interstate 785 History & Present

  • Designation was approved in 1997.
  • The section of the corridor along US 29 between the then-Future Greensboro Northern Urban Loop and Business Interstate 40 presented significant financial and physical challenges to the actual construction of Interstate 785.
  • On July 31, 2013, NCDOT received approval from the Federal Highway Administration to co-sign the first section of Interstate 785 with the Greensboro Urban Loop Interstate 840 to officially establish Interstate 785 in North Carolina.
  • Interstate 785 then opened to traffic more than a year earlier than scheduled on December 6, 2017.
  • Interstate 785 currently connects the City of Reidsville to Interstates 40 and 85.
  • Interstate 785 will soon connect the City of Reidsville to Interstate 840-Greensboro Urban Loop, PTI Airport, and Interstate 73.
    • Interstate 840 is scheduled to be completed by December 2020.
  • Team Reidsville with Senator Berger led the way recently by advocating this project be extended to the City of Reidsville’s northern most interchange of Exit 153 (Interstate 785/US 29 & US 158) of its four total interchanges with, of course, not only the City of Reidsville, but also the involvement of NCDOT, City of Eden, Rockingham County, Caswell County, City of Greensboro, Guilford County, and PTRC.
  • Future Extension of Interstate 785
    • Interstate 785 is scheduled to be extended to the North Carolina state line connecting the City of Danville to Reidsville.
    • State of Virginia Assemblyman Daniel Marshall, III proposed a resolution in December 2011 to extend Interstate 785 to Altavista, VA.
    • Team Reidsville Community Champions realize the work never stops so we hope Virginia and their communities can advocate, as we have, to see it extended even further north in future decades.

Interstate 785 Funding & Construction Status

  • June 16, 2020 – Funded & scheduled for construction of US 29/Reedy Fork Parkway Interchange Improvements to interstate standards.
    • Funded & scheduled for construction (at same time as a part of the project above) for US 29/Reedy Fork Parkway Bridge Replacement to interstate standards.
  • September 18, 2020 – Funded & scheduled for construction of US 29/US Business 29 Bridge Replacement to interstate standards.
  • January 1, 2022 – Funded & scheduled for construction of US 29/US 158(NC 14) Bridge Replacement to interstate standards.
  • January 1, 2022 – Funded & scheduled for construction of US 29/Barnes Street Bridge Replacement to interstate standards.
  • August 18, 2026 – Funded & scheduled for construction of current US 29 route from Interstate 785 & Future Interstate 840/US 29 Interchange to US 29/US 158(NC 14) fully to interstate standards.
    • Funded & scheduled for construction (at same time as a part of the project above) for US 29/NC 150 Interchange Improvements to interstate standards.
    • Funded & scheduled for construction (at same time as a part of the project above) for US 29/Benaja Road Interchange Improvements to interstate standards.

Interstate 785 Quotes

  • Senator Phil Berger – “The I-785 project is vital to the economic future of Reidsville, Rockingham County, and the surrounding area. It will give folks in our region easier and quicker access to more employment opportunities, better access to health care, and more cultural and entertainment options. At the same time, it will enable people from the Greater Triad and beyond to come to our communities to enjoy everything we have to offer, which will help grow our local economies. It has been a pleasure to work together with the leadership in Reidsville and Rockingham County to see this important project become a reality.”
  • Representative Jerry Carter – “The NC General Assembly has traditionally had a long-term vision in terms of our state’s highway infrastructure. My colleagues and I share that same approach today, understanding that an expanded transportation network directly impacts new jobs and investment in North Carolina. It is even more important in rural communities to have seamless connectivity to neighboring metro areas that allow cities like Reidsville to grow. Reidsville is already strong economically and you can see it growing just by driving down the streets revealing new construction and renovations, but Interstate 785 will only make it even stronger and increase growth along with that growth having a multiplier effect throughout the community.”
  • NCDOT Board of Transportation Chairman Mike Fox – “The improvement of US Highway 29 to Interstate status in Rockingham County, and northern Guilford County will have a very positive impact on the area. This includes economic benefits such as making the area more desirable for businesses to locate as well as improvements to the life of all citizens.  This improved highway will allow the citizens of Rockingham County, and northern Guilford County, better access to jobs, education and healthcare.”
  • Mayor Jay Donecker – “Interstate 785 will be a large part of Reidsville’s future success in attracting industry, commercial business and full-time residents. Many of our citizens probably don’t realize how important it is to have a ‘blue shield’ highway passing through our city. I want our residents to understand what this project will contribute to Reidsville’s short- and long-term sustainability and growth. I also want to stress that the City of Reidsville is one hundred percent behind this and other road improvements that will enhance our connectivity to other major highways/metro regions of the State and East Coast along with increasing our visibility to businesses and potential residents. The Reidsville City Council has always taken action based upon the long-term vision and is a “Can Do City”.  City Council and staff will continue to advocate for projects such as 785 on behalf of our growing population of city residents.  There is always room for one more on Team Reidsville!”
  • Councilmember James Festerman – “Today’s forum hosted by the Chamber and NCDOT was very exciting for me personally since I was in attendance with NCDOT Chairman Mike Fox on May 17, 2018 for the ceremony for Interstate 840 and 785 where he reflected that this construction not only serves Greensboro, but also makes communities to the north like Reidsville a strongly connected part of places like Greensboro and PTI Airport.  That statement validated the big picture discussed by Reidsville Economic Development Director Jeff Garstka, who stated that Reidsville’s industrial, commercial, and residential development sites are PTI Airport development sites just like those in Greensboro.  It means now that we no longer think in terms of Reidsville’s southern City Limits being approximately 5.5 miles from Greensboro’s northern City limits, but rather Reidsville is minutes away from PTI Airport/Greensboro via a brand new 70 mph Interstate route.”
  • Reidsville Chamber of Commerce President Diane Sawyer – “The Reidsville Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center is extremely pleased about the forum and announcement that Interstate 785 is in fact, fully funded. This project and others discussed will impact our area and our businesses tremendously. Our goal is to continue to be Champions through our community for our member businesses and keep them informed and connected to progress in the Reidsville Market so that they and others looking in our area can make informed decisions about their businesses.”
  • Reidsville Industrial Alliance Chairman Steve Scott – “The Reidsville Industrial Alliance has been an active participant in the ongoing discussions and planning for this project for some time and we are thankful for the efforts of all the panelists and their teams for making this happen.  It is terrific that a “Blue Shield” interstate will be attached to our City of Reidsville.  Infrastructure is the absolute foundation upon which any thriving industrial community is built.  The City of Reidsville absolutely recognizes this fact and the RIA is appreciative of the City’s leadership as they continue to pursue upgrades in this arena.  Having I-785 and a full-scale truck stop/travel center in the heart of our community solidifies Reidsville as a hub for manufacturing and distribution.  Our industrial sector will continue to prosper as new corporate growth follows the success we have seen in the last 18-24 months in our community.  Congratulations to all who helped make this project a reality.”


The Reidsville Chamber of Commerce wants our community to know what is happening in Reidsville. The box score is in, and it is obvious that Team Reidsville is continuing to create a "Championship Legacy". This is just a snapshot of our community's successes and growth associated with what will be the first Interstate that will connect our entire City and a significant portion of the County with three other Interstates (40/85/840 & 73 via 840), PTI, and Greensboro.  This means bringing even more economic development projects to the already prosperous Reidsville residential, commercial, and industrial development growth corridor.  Team Reidsville is already leading the way on for the City of Reidsville and the Reidsville Market. We encourage you to stop by the Reidsville Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center to learn more about the many victories we are celebrating. Team Reidsville always has room for one more on our Team!



Diane R. Sawyer, President & CEO



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